Gilbert Hennenfent

Managing Broker

LMP_GilbertHennenfent2Gilbert and his wife Vicki farmed their family farm in central Warren County until 2006 when he retired and rented his farm out. He raised corn, soybeans and fed cattle through this time. He began managing farms in when a family owning farmland was looking to increase the productivity of their farm and through the advice of a local attorney, came into contact with Gilbert. He took that farm from an unprofitable status, made changes and turned the property into a beautiful, well kept parcel that the owners could feel proud to own. In the process of cleaning up the property, it turned into an extremely efficient, profit-generating farm. This was his first step into the farm management arena; his business slowly grew through referrals and absentee landowners hearing of his successes. Today this business manages 5 farms in Warren and Henderson Counties, though small, we are able to give our clients great care and attention to their properties and tenants.