Jared Kunkle

Co-Owner and Broker

LMP_JaredKunkle2I am a 32 year old Farmer in the Monmouth area. I was born and raised in Peoria, IL and graduated in 2002 from Dunlap High School. I went on to receive my Bachelors of Arts Degree from Monmouth College.

I married my wife, Rachel, in 2007 who was born and raised in Monmouth. Rachel is not from a farm family but has enjoyed the transition and the lifestyle. We have two children Ada (5) and Jayden (3).

I have been farming full time on my own since 2011. I do not come from the “normal” farming background. My dad is a financial advisor and my mom stayed at home with my brother and me. My grandparents had a farm in Central Illinois, and I would go and visit as often as I could. My passion has always been farming as long as I can remember. People often told me that I wouldn’t be able to farm because I didn’t come from a farm family. Since it has been a passion of mine since childhood, I have tried to work for multiple farmers during and after college. I also did two custom wheat harvests out west in Oklahoma, Kansas, and South Dakota before I needed to return to school. These experiences helped me gain knowledge that I have used to start my own farm.

In 2014, Adam approached me about joining the management business with him. I really felt this was a good opportunity for Adam and I to work together because we both feel we have opposing strengths and weaknesses. This can build a great team. Gilbert has been kind enough to transition his remaining half of the business to me and council us in the transition. I am passionate about helping others continue the legacy of the family farm for generations to come.