Our professional farm management service is tailored to landowners who do not farm themselves. We are farm asset managers and represent landowners to help them meet their goals and objectives. We utilize a personal and professional hands-on business approach and handle all details involved with land ownership. Land Management Partners, LLC emphasizes soil stewardship, production, marketing, accounting and communications.

Management decisions are based on your personal goals and investment objectives for your farm. You have accurate, detailed accounting, consistent on-the-farm supervision, and assurance that your best interests are represented.

Management Services

  • Clients are kept well informed through timely written reports, telephone calls, personal visits, and owner farm tours.
  • Lease terms are updated to stay current with market trends.
  • Frequent on-farm visits to ensure proper management of your investment.
  • Careful selection of seed varieties, fertilizer, chemicals, crop rotation and livestock program.
  • We handle all government farm program details.
  • Profit and financial analysis with budget and cash flow projections.
  • Emphasis is placed on marketing of your crops and livestock.
  • Supervision of capital improvement projects approved by the landowner.
  • Stewardship of the soil including recommendations and implementation of soil conservation tillage and practices.
  • An easy-to-read personalized year-end report is provided that summarizes yield and production records, crop and livestock inventories, the necessary financial information to simplify your tax work, budgets and cash flows.


We Supervise All Details

We supervise all details related to the operation of the farm, including leasing the land, planning the crop rotation, purchasing supplies, marketing the crops and livestock, and supervising land improvements and building repairs. We normally visit the farm every two to three weeks, or more frequently, if needed. Landowners have accurate, up-to-date records, consistent on-the-farm supervision, and assurance that their best interests are being represented. We select top operators who respond to our management and have excellent cooperation with them.

An Individual Farm Checking Account

An individual farm checking account is maintained for each client at a bank of their choice. All income and expense items are approved by the manager and transacted through this account. Excess funds are transferred to clients throughout the year. Statements of the account are mailed periodically to the client and all transactions are summarized at the end of the year in our Annual Report.

Additional items in our Annual Report include a year-end inventory, yield and production summaries, a budget for the coming year, and other information concerning the activities on the farm. If a farm has multiple owners, each of the owners receive copies of our correspondence and statements of account.

Maximize Farm Profit

We work to maximize our client’s income while maintaining or improving the land and buildings. We help our clients have a better understanding of their farming operation and their investment. Clients feel comfortable with their landownership. Our management provides for smooth transition from one generation to the next.

For all your management needs – Farm, Livestock, and Commercial. We’ve got you covered.